2019 Family Camp Registration

2019 Family Camp Registration

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Contact Info

If you like, you can label the phone numbers as cell or John's or whatever.

Estimating your fees

* Per-family maximum of $250 includes only immediate family members. We define "immediate family" as those living in your household and people you claim as a dependent, such as children away at college. Non-immediate-family camper fees will be added to the $250.

About campership fund donations

We encourage folks, who have the ability, to consider making more donations than usual to the campership fund. Have you or someone you care about benefited in years past from reduced fees subsidized by others, such as a campership or Family Maximum or other discount? A donation can simply be added in with your fees at registration, or a separate donation designated for the Family Camp campership fund can be made at any time.


We will figure your total after you arrive at Family Camp. Pre-payment is NOT requested, but be prepared to make payment by cash or check on arrival (sorry, no credit cards). Checks should be made payable to Camp Myrtlewood.

We will not calculate totals in this form, but information you provide here will help us determine your rate. You can use the form to manually calculate your own estimate. Final calculations (including partial day adjustments) and payment will be completed at Family Camp.

Fees for the entire week are $100 for adults and youth, and $50 for children ages 2 to 8. Daily rates are $32 for adults and youth, and $16 for children ages 2 to 8. Starting with Sunday dinner and ending with Thursday breakfast adds up to 3 1/2 days. Each meal and each overnight counts as a quarter of a day. Fees for partial days are $10 per meal and $10 per overnight for adults and youth, and $5 for children ages 2 to 8. There is no charge for children under 2, so we don't include them in this section.

Fees cover more than just meals and grounds costs. There are various expenses incurred in planning and providing skilled leadership and resources.

Consider the fees a suggested amount. Everyone is welcome and there are campership (scholarship) funds available. Do not let the fees keep you from coming, but please pay what you can. We usually encourage campership recipients to discuss helping out a little extra, depending on the situation. We also encourage anyone who will be requesting assistance to also consider asking your congregation for some help. Again, do not let a lack of funds keep you away.

Please give us your best estimates here, to help us plan.

Number of Campers x Number of Days x $32
Number of Campers x Number of Days x $16
Cannot exceed our per-family maximum of $532*
If you wish to donate to subsidize campers who need assistance, you may indicate an amount here.
If you might need assistance with your total rate for Family Camp, you may indicate that here.


We need you to indicate your schedule here, to help our planning, but we understand that your plans can change. Just give us your best guess. We're flexible.
Tuesday arrivals should be after noon
The last meal served will be Sunday breakfast.
If you have different members of your party arriving and/or departing at different times, you can describe that here. You can provide any additional information you think might be helpful about meals, housing, special needs, etc. (this text box will expand as much as you need)